Explore Glensheen

In a world full of manufactured experiences, we have very few opportunities to fully immerse ourselves in authenticity. Glensheen offers one of those rare chances.

Built between 1905 and 1908, Glensheen was a family home for nearly 70 years. It was donated to the University of Minnesota and opened as a historic house museum in 1979 and, here’s the amazing part, the collection is intact.

The top hat in the closet? That was Chester Congdon’s. The letters in the desk drawer? Those were written by Clara. The sheets in the linen closet? Organized by the Congdons’ 2nd floor maid nearly 100 years ago. And that’s just inside the mansion….


You can even read Congdon diaries and letters here.

The rest of the estate is also ripe for exploration. With Bent Brook to the East, Tischer Creek to the West, and Lake Superior to the South, the natural landscape offers a complete escape from life beyond 3300 London Road.