Glensheen Weddings

“Yesterday was the best day of my life and I can not thank you enough for the millions of things you did to make our day go perfectly!” -Thank you note from bride Amber Reed to our private events coordinator

Nearly a century ago, both and Helen and Marjorie Congdon had their weddings at Glensheen. The daughters of Chester and Clara Congdon could have gotten married anywhere in the world but they chose home for the very same reasons that others do; Glensheen is a premier wedding destination. Weddings are our specialty. We believe that you should be able to savor your celebration without worrying about the details. (In fact, our private events coordinator has more than 20 years mastering those details, a resume that enables her to remain continuously creative and unflustered in all situations.)

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Venue options

Juliet Balcony

“Stunning” most often describes Glensheen’s Juliet Balcony. Most of Glensheen’s wedding ceremonies take place here, overlooking Lake Superior, the formal garden, and Glensheen’s hand-carved marble fountain with the 39-room mansion serving as a majestic backdrop. Capacity: 120

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Lake Superior Shoreline

Glensheen’s unique pebble beach is a breathtaking spot for your event. Talk about views: to the west your guests will see Duluth’s iconic lift bridge, to the north is Glensheen mansion, the boathouse and pier frame the east, and to the south is the world’s largest freshwater lake.



Winter Garden

The largest room at Glensheeen, the Winter Garden runs the entire length of the mansion. Marble floors and brick walls dotted with Arts and Crafts-era sconces make a charming canvas for your special event. Capacity 120.


Recreation Room

The Recreation Room is cozily nestled in the mansion’s lower level. It has a beautiful fireplace and can most easily be transformed into whatever venue your event calls for, whether it’s an elegant meal or an important presentation. Capacity 40 to 80.

Dining Room

Imagine offering your guests an opportunity to dine in the same room where the richest man in Minnesota enjoyed his evening meal. Glensheen’s spectacular dining room offers just that. Capacity 28.

Dining Room 2


Front Hall

The Congdons designed Glensheen’s Front Hall to impress their visitors. Your guests will be equally impressed with its incredible majesty, a perfect combination of craftsmanship and grandeur. Capacity 50.

The Carriage House Lawn

Nestled between the carriage house and Lake Superior, with easy access from Glensheen’s parking lot, the Carriage House Lawn is the perfect venue for a tented event. Capacity: 300